Prepositions, yet again

Yes, yet again the common problem with prepositions – or rather with the German-English differences when using prepositions. And I must admit, I too have interference problems. These problems arise when the English and the German prepositions aren’t the same. They also arise when a German preposition has more than one regular English equivalent. Here are some common ones
nach = either “after” or “according to”
seit = either “since” or “for”
von = either “of” or “from” or “by” (for authorship)
zu = either “to” or “at”
an = either “at” or “on”
vor = either “before” or “in front of” or “ago”
mit =  “at” when used with age
während = either “during” or “while”
bei = almost any preposition depending on the context, but rarely “by”

Hope that helps – at least occasionally

Anne Wegner

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