Academic Papers

Our proofreading and editing service aims to improve style, structure and correct your English. We’ll ask for a sample of your text so we can send you a quotation.

If you attend one of our academic writing workshops you’ll have a better understanding of the following: classic mistakes made in written academic English, the structure of an English paper, specific vocabulary used in academic English, punctuation and writing abstracts and titles. This is just an example of some of the areas we cover – we’re flexible in course content and can always correct your paper or pages from your thesis as part of the workshop.

Grant Proposal Writing

We offer workshops and coaching on grant proposal writing. With so much at stake we’re often included as part of a communication team to help win grants, funding or other awards.

Workshop Resources

If you have been to one of our academic writing workshops, the chances are that we have made the workshop resources available online.

You can access them here.

How we work

We can help you improve your writing in a number of ways. Simply send us your text and we can correct it for you. But you’ll get more than just a corrected text – we tend to go one step further. Because lots of you want to learn along the way, we explain why we’ve made a change and how you can generally improve your writing. You’ll also get a list of helpful resources you can use to support your writing projects and of course we’re always happy to answer your questions by phone, email or in person. Our workshops and one on one coaching will help give you a solid foundation to help you write in English. Find out more on our homepage.


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