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We help companies and institutions write English communication that works. Based in Cologne, we offer consultancy, editing and training. Read on and find out how we can help you with your business or marketing texts, help you prepare persuasive presentations and correct your academic papers.

Storytelling Workshop

Want to improve the attention paid to your published research? Join us in a storytelling workshop. In it, we will first explore the essential role story plays in our communities. Together we’ll then peel away the layers of great stories to discover the techniques and ingredients that fuel them. We’ll practice the tools needed to craft narratives that come to life in the minds of an audience and explore how to apply these skills to a chosen field. Whether you are conveying the value of academic research or sharing a vision within a company or community, storytelling and getting the narrative right can play a vital role. Explore the topic with us.
potentially 16th May (Corona permitting): 10:00 – 17:30 in 53604 Bad Honnef.

For further information ring +49-170-6971384

Business Toolbox

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Im Berufsalltag Englisch sprechen – das müssen nicht nur Mitarbeiter internationaler Firmen. Dieser Ratgeber erklärt: Wie verfasst man E-Mails an Kollegen oder Geschäftspartner, und wie reagiert man am Telefon richtig? Welche Formulierungen und Redewendungen helfen in Meetings? Wie überbrückt man eine Gesprächspause, wenn man mal nicht weiter weiß, und wie kann man sich rückversichern, ob man richtig verstanden hat? Für alle, die Business English im Beruf benötigen und ihr Wissen schnell und praxisnah auffrischen wollen.

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Written English that Works

Writing for Business

First impressions are important.

We offer writing support for business writers in areas such as marketing and social media. We’ll also create your company style guide for the written word.

Read on to find out how we can help you craft a more compelling business message.


Are you writing an academic text in English? Under pressure with a deadline looming and still have to write, edit and proofread? At any stage in your writing process Write English can join you on your journey to publication.

Writing a  grant proposal? Achieve a successful outcome with our support. We’ve experience writing proposals in the UK and more recently in writing grant proposals for the European Commission.



Want your English presentation to make more of an impact? Come along to one of our presentation skills workshops and learn how to improve your delivery, control your nerves and be a more confident speaker.

We’ll work with you on the structure of your presentation, your script and your visuals.

Contact us for help with either academic or business presentations in English.


Let’s talk about how we can best support you. Improve your writing in a number of ways:



We’re happy to run workshops at your office for you and your team or at our place in Cologne.

Writing for marketing purposes and working at a German university or institute of higher education? Come along to one of our open workshops offered by the DAAD. See here for our next DAAD workshop.

For academic writing we offer workshops through your university, research institute or through the DAAD.

Contact us today to arrange a writing workshop.

Interested in a writing or presentation skills workshop? Contact Write-English.



If you prefer to work on a one-to-one basis – and this often makes sense when writing – then why not sign up for a half day of writing coaching. We’ll read your text in advance, ask some background questions and then prepare a coaching session for you. We meet either at your workplace or at our office in Cologne.

Presentation coming up? Take the opportunity to come up with a good concept and practice your delivery.

If this sounds like something you need then contact us.



Send us your text and you’ll get more than just a corrected version of it. Because lots of you want to learn along the way, we explain why we’ve made a change and how you can generally improve your writing. You’ll also get a list of helpful resources you can use to support your writing projects and of course we’re always happy to answer your questions by phone, email or in person You’ll receive a document highlighted with changes, suggestions and possibly some questions. We ask you to make any necessary changes and return the text to us for at least one more read through.

Need some help with your text? Contact us now.



Most organisations have several writers – so how can you sound like one voice, one brand? If you need to establish some guidelines for your written material then let us help you develop a simple style guide. This will serve as a useful guide for all your writers. We’ll offer workshops for your writing team and ensure you sound like one voice.
Want to explore this idea further? Contact Write English.

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